TurboScores - simplest game leaderboard in the world (beta)


Register new game:http://scores.turbomask.com/create.php (copy game key for later use);
Submit score: http://scores.turbomask.com/save.php?key=*key*&score=*score* (replace *key* with your game key, and *score* with any number);
Get scores: http://scores.turbomask.com/get.php?key=*key* (replace *key* with your game key).

Full specification:

Create game:
title (optional): game title, max 64 chars.
email (optional): creator email, will be used in the future.
higher_better (optional): set 1 (higher value means better score) or 0 (lower value means better score). Default value is 1.
security (optional): set 0 (no security) or 1 (security with private key). Default value: 0.
game key: key used to identify game.
private key: private key for security. Generated only if security parameter is set to 1.

Save score:
key: game key.
score: player score as integer. Must be greater than 0.
name (optional): player name.
h (optional): score hash, required only if security is set to 1. Hash calculation: md5(score + name + private_key).
on success: XML with player position and total score count.
on error: XML with error description.

Get scores:
key: game key.
XML with player scores and names.

For more information please contact us at: info@turbomask.com